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Blimey O'Riley [Dec. 19th, 2007|06:58 pm]
DJ set @ Time, Guildford 09/01

Field Music @ Tapestry, London 26/01

The Rakes @ Esquires, Bedford 03/02

Maximo Park @ Astoria, London 21/02

((Interview with Mumm-Ra backstage @ Brixton academy 23/02))

Field Music + 2 @ ICA, London 23/02

The Maccabees @ Koko, London 27/02

GoodBooks @ 93 Feet East, London 09/03

Hadouken! @ The Barfly, London 09/03

New Young Pony Club @ Fopp, London 22/03

Maximo Park @ 100 Club, London 02/04

Jack Penate @ Pure Groove, London 19/04

Camden Crawl @ The streets of Camden, London 19/04

Cansie De Ser Sexy @ Astoria, London 22/04

Jack Penate @ ULU, London 28/04

Mojo Honours Awards @ Oxford Street HMV, London

Maximo Park @ Forum, London 12/05

The Maccabees @ Astoria, London 17/05

DJ set @ 333, London 18/05

The Cribs @ Astoria, London 29/05

Jack Penate @ Banquet Records, Kingston 25/06

Videosprint @ Boileroom, Guidlford 10/07

Mules: Pick Your Own @ The Big Chill House, London 30/07

V Festival @ Weston Park, Stafford 18-19/08

Jack Penate @ Astoria, London 26/09

Maximo Park @ Brixton Academy, London 12/10

The Cribs @ Kentish Town Forum, London 17/10

Foals @ New Slang, Kingston 29/11

Crystal Castles @ Scala, London 04/12

Push Vs Transgressive @ Astoria 2, London 15/12

* *

DARTZ! @ New Slang, Kingston 20/12

Patrick Wolf @ Shepards Bush Empire 21/12

* (Hopefully!) 2008 *

So So Modern @ Buffalo Bar, London 16/01

So So Modern @ The Brixton Windmill, London 20/01

Does It Offend You, Yeah? @ New Slang, Kingston 24/01

Pete And The Pirates @ New Slang, Kingston 31/01

Blood Red Shoes @ Twisted Licks, London 01/02

Blood Red Shoes @ The Westie, Aldershot 06/02

Los Campesinos @ New Slang, London 21/02

The Cribs @ Brixton Academy, London 22/02

Late Of The Pier @ ULU, London 28/02

Kid Harpoon @ The Westie, Aldershot 07/03

Jack Penate @ Shepards Bush Empire, London 12-13/03

Foals @ Astoria, London 17/03
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need more gigs.. [Jan. 2nd, 2007|10:53 pm]
Reading Festival

2005Read more...Collapse )

2006Read more...Collapse )

so far this year only holds Field Music twice and Maxïmo Park and probably GoodBooks (joy!) not happy at all..we'll i will be come the astoria gig, ecstatic probably *cough*geek*cough*
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Maxïmo Park, Love Is All et Hot Club De Paris @ Brixton Academy [Oct. 7th, 2006|08:27 pm]
jolly good fun.

met two people from surrey, wahey! people never know where we’re from. madness. Anyway Amy and Nick, pretty nice guys actually. i stood with amy spazzing over paul being hounded by fans, which is still very strange to me. who cares about Paul Smith the singer? the designer, now that’s where it’s at. yeah reet, there was an email sent to peter about my request for a paul smith at barden's but they weren't sure which one i was on about i was apparently very drunk when i requested such thing.
we eventually caved and went down for a quick chat that we never got because the lad was pretty hounded, we got a quick photo then he had to scarper, poor lamb.

the gig itself was great music wise. hcdp were a bit disapointing but i put it down to the venue size, love is all where fabulous the park obvioulsy AMAZING! lukas still scaring me, but would i have it any other way? why hells no! nosebleed was gorgeous, did not disappoint. heard girls for the first time, i didn't mind it one bit.
the crushing however was excrutiating but whatever i don't care, i saw one of my favourite bands when i thought we wouldn't till the next tour, which made me sad at the thought, but that don't matter now does it.

field music wednesday, can't wait. i keep telling her the park are going to be there, heh. we'll see.
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Mystery Jets, The Spinto Band and Rival Joustas @ Electric Ballroom [May. 11th, 2006|03:47 pm]
well rival joustas were interesting, the singer sang to me and the bassist almost whacked me in the face with his instrument. he was wearing no shoes. the singer thre himself from the ceiling fucking nutter. hurt his ankle but still he continued. i liked his tshirt. had a wombat on it.
the spinto band, i loved! they were awesome, thomas looked so amazing in his mandigan. jon eaton from only certain angles looks like carl barat and nick krill bless him. jon gave us some stickers before they played. he's a sweetheart. kazoo time (brown boxes) was immense some of the mystery jets joined them with kazoo's and various percussion.
mystery jet's were a slight let down, but i think that was mostly because the sound quality was horrid. my ears were ringing for days after.
met charlie after and barry from futureheads, that was an interesting conversation.
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